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Welcome to Befitting Just Your Style!

On our Calendar!

Always looking for unique, fun and educational events and specialized programs...keep our numbers close at hand 800-838-5931 and 866-804-6284 to book your reservations!

Ask about our spring/summer tours, trips and programs.  We are also booking our 2016 fall calendar and into the 2017 season.  Lots of new tours, programs and specialized entertainment.


In 2016.....

History is alive and well and living in the State of Florida - our tours involve historic locations, national registry buildings and professional guides that open the door to true "gems" to visit.


 Check back to our website frequently as we are constantly adding new and exciting tours, trips and shows to our calendar. Give us a call 800-838-5931.

A wonderful roster of entertainment is awaiting you. CLICK HERE and view the videos and bios of 10 outstanding and talented performers.  The 2016-2017 season is right around the corner. 

Activities Directors - we will also customize a trip for your group or schedule events for your monthly calendars.

This season we have a complete schedule of in-house, on site programs.  Call to have the flyers emailed or ask us for more information. 800-838-5931

Some images from some of our recent activities

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